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High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe) CVAP0007

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Quick Overview

The affordable DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit is a part of revolutionizing smoking without environmental pollution. The emitted smoke is the atomized mist from tobacco alkaloid liquid which shows that no harmful second-hand smoke has come out.
High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe) High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)
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  • High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)
  • High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)
  • High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)
  • High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)
  • High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)
  • High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)
  • High Quality And Inexpensive DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)


Would Sherlock Holmes take this – Wholesale DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit (E-Pipe)
It makes you wonder if Sherlock Holmes is here would he take the affordable DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit instead of his usual pipe. The pipe smoking kit is a revolutionary way to quit smoking that can provide pollution free environment. The smoke emitted by DSE601 Electronic Pipe Smoking Kit is the atomized mist from the liquid tobacco alkaloid which does not give any harmful second hand smoke or even third hand smoke. It is a known fact that tobacco brings nothing but harm to the smoker and those around him.

The electronic pipe does not create any pollution and does not bring any harm to anyone’s health – smoker or other people. It can help the user eventually “kill” any urge to smoke until he finally quits. The electronic pipe is composed of stainless steel shell, liquid storage container, and battery and charger.

DSE601 E-Pipe Starter Kit

1.DSE601 E-pipe is composed of a stainless steel shell, lithium ion battery storage micro-electrical circuit high-sensitive sensor, atomizing chamber, cigarette holder, and indicator light at the tip of the atomizing device.

2.Alkaloid liquid Storage Container:
The alkaloid liquid container contains tobacco alkaloid diluted liquid which is ready for atomized; It does not contain tar of carcinogenic substitutes which are harmful to human body.

3.Battery and Charger
The "DSE601 E-pipe" atomizing electronic pipe is limited to the usage of a 3.7V Lithium ion battery. The battery and accommodated charger cannot be replaced by other Lithium ion batteries or chargers.

Product Function and Usage
1. Install method:
Following the products' instructions, take off the battery storage knob at the tip of the pipe to put the Lithium ion battery into the battery storage correctly. Positive plat should press the positive pole of the battery, then screw the battery storage.
Unwrap the atomizing electronic alkaloid container, Pull out the inhaler of the pipe, put in the liquid storage container with open-save first in and insert the inhaler, the product will be use.

2.Stand-by state:
After you screw the fully charged special lithium battery components into the DSE601 E-pipe, screw out the package of cartridge. And insert the cartridge into it. It will be in the stand-by state.

3.Functioning Mode:
As soon as the"DSE601 E-pipe" is inhaled by mouth, the electronic circuit will start to work. There is a indicator light at the tip of the product will illuminate red light at the same time.Atomization will stop once the inhaling action ended. When the indicator light is green obviously, it signifies that the battery should be changed.

4. Retrieval Operation Mode:
After a product has been used for 20 to 30 days, and with a new atomizing alkaloid liquid container is installed and battery fully charged, if it happens that the atomizing quantity reduced evidently, please take out the tobacco alkaloid container. Use a metal object to connect screw with copper pillar. Repeat this operation until the indicator light illuminates for ten to twenty seconds. After functions retrieved, the product can be used normally. However, the operation should not be used frequently.

5.Using the Battery and the Charger
When using the product, if the indicator light becomes dark obviously, the battery should then be charged with the accommodated charger. To ensure proper charging, please verify the polarity of the battery before charging. After the battery has been charged for 3-4 hours, and the red color of the charger's indicator light turns green, take it out and cut off the power supply of the charger.
Need charge at least 12 hours for the first three times. Enable the out most capacity of the battery.

Appropriate User:
1.The people who have been smoking for a long period of time and have hard feeling of smoking.
2.The smoking habit-ants who work in the smoking forbidden area.
3.The smokers who want to quit smoking can adopt the nicotine reducing method carefully in order to quit smoking in a non-painful way.
Inappropriate User:
1. The teenagers.
2. The non-smoking habit-ants and people who have allergy to nicotine.
3. The maternity.
4. The patients who should avoid smoking.

NOW the DSE601 Pipe have a great improvement on it's atomizer system. The atomization component in pipe body is replaceable now. Based on past experience, many Pipe faults are caused by the atomizer. With the new type, you can easy fix your Pipe if it is break down.

Buy DSE601 e-Pipe now, we send 8 replacement atomizer for free!

New Type DSE601 Compared with old one.

Changeable Atomizer:
Pretty easy and take less money to change the atomizer.
The old version of e-Pipe combined the atomizer with the Pipe wood body, once atomizer is broken, you have to change the whole pipe body. Also, it's not possible to clean the atomizer when it;s dirt or clogged.

It combines the atomizer with cartridge, no hassle of refilling cartridge, just throw it away and replace with a new one.

Insulate cabin:
It prevents the pipe body against breaking by the high temperature from atomizer. No more cracking pipe body.

Life span:
Much longer than old version. Generally, every atomizer will last maximum 30000 puffs, once the atomizer is broken, you don't have to replace whole pipe body, just change another new atomizer.

Additional Information

  • Weight for single cigarette: 115G
  • Nicotine content for each cartridge: 2.62g
  • Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep: 500 puffs
  • Nicotine content of each cartridge equals traditional cigarette: 60pcs
  • Content of battery: 950mAh
  • Normal working voltage: 3.2V - 4.2V
  • Full battery can keep for: 800 - 1000 puffs
  • Charge time: 3.5 - 4 hours
  • Life of battery: 200 times charger
  • Package Includes
    • 1 x Electronic Pipe
    • 2 x Battery
    • 8 x Cartomizer
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x User Manual (English)

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